Welcome to Community Chaplaincy!

I am great believer in community and adult learning. My hope for 2016 is to provide tools, resources and training to community chaplains.

Whether you are an artist, educator, musician, a good listener, an inspirer, an awesome maintainer (which I am definitely not) or somoene who is passionate about community, there will be something for everyone on this site.

I will be slowly developing more training tools for communities on the ground and chaplains who work within those communities. This year I will be focusing on:

  • further tools, expanding the utilisation of gifts to use in your community;
  • emotional connection to our whole self;
  • inspirational quotes and pictures to uplift the tired and weary;
  • chaplain education and training;
  • further research articles; and
  • consultancy available worldwide.

Feel free to look around the site, download resources, share and inspire one another. And if you want to be part of something in reality, email me, love to hear from you. 



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