Communities provide a rich framework that enhances our learning and interaction. Communities are an integral part of people’s lives. It is a place to share a passion and a common purpose. It is a place to build and exchange knowledge. It is a place to empower one another and give meaning to our activities.

Feel free to share your thoughts here to reflect, be social and collaborative with people with similar passions across the world. You may want to:

  • share a concern on a topic you are passionate about;
  • deepen our knowledge by sharing expertise in a particular area;
  • respond to someone else’s comment;
  • share information, insight and advice;
  • discuss your current situation;
  • share dreams and needs for your community;
  • ponder common issues, explore ideas and act as sounding boards to each other;
  • advertise community chaplain roles for free; or
  • create tools, standards, designs, manuals, documents or develop tacit understanding with others engaged here.

I look forward to interacting with you!




I've had a chaplain forum up and running, but it was difficult to keep people talking in that space as chaplain's are very busy people! If you have an idea on what forum this Site can run, share your thoughts below! 



Posted by Mel on
Thank you for those who have published comments over the two years I've had this site up and running. I have redesigned my site today and have archived those comments.

Feel free to interact with me and each other here on the guestbook OR on the new upcoming open forum (the old chaplain forum) where schools, colleges, churches, universities, businesses, communities can advertise community roles and interact on certain topics.

- owner of community
Posted by mel on
G'day Melissa. I Googled "Community Chaplains" wondering and hoping I might find you ... and I did, on your excellent website. Good to see the way you've developed yourself and expanded your ministry.
Your in Christ,

(edited by Mel for privacy reasons)
Posted by Gray Knight on
Hi Mel

Thanks for this website. You have put into words something I have had on my heart for some time. I would be very keen to talk to you sometime and get some advice, if at all possible.

Thanks and Happy New(ish) Year!
Posted by Steven Mendoza on
Yes, I would say this website is very helpful and a great tool to find out your spiritual gifting as a community chaplain. I scored 100% and just want to find a place to serve as a community chaplain. I'm ordained and endorsed as a Civil Air Patrol Chaplain, have a background in victim advocacy with the military. I would recommend this site to get a spiritual compass reading on one's skill-sets in a desire to be a community chaplain. As well as, a heart-beat on one's spiritual gifting to serve others in this area of ministry.
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