Unchain your wellbeing

Wellbeing is used in various circles. It is most commonly seen and interchangeably used in health and fitness systems, which suggests a more physical attribute to wellbeing and associated with one’s health. It is sometimes placed on medicine bottles, like vitamins and minerals, ‘for your health and wellbeing’ and other health food related products to boost energy. However, on none of these labels does one explain what wellbeing means other than the suggestion that if taking this product you will feel better.

If you put into google images ‘wellbeing’ pictures of meditation, children praying, eating healthy, exercising and jumping in the air in a field or on a beach are generally the pictures one will see. It is little wonder that we cannot conclude as an intelligent communicative society on the definition of well-being. 

In my research, I concluded that wellbeing is about: nurturing the foundation graciously given to us; understanding who we are through our interactions and interconnections; bringing purpose and wholeness; expressing love, joy, learning, achievement towards personal empowerment; and developing resilience in times of stress, illness and crises.

I have developed a wellbeing model that has four foundational domains (personal, communal, environmental, and transcendental) that shapes elements of life towards a positive wellbeing. Overlaid with five core dimensions (physical, social, emotional, spiritual and mental) that are our responses to activities, events, thoughts, patterns, beliefs, outcomes, behaviours and attitudes towards building a healthy well-being and courage to move beyond our testing point. As well as four elements (vocational, external, recreational and affectional) to understand our needs in order to be satisfied, healthy and well.

If you are interested in understanding more about your wellbeing, I have created a wellbeing assessment in order to help you to understand how connected you are to yourself, others and the world around you. It is your response to where you are currently feeling about life - your life in the past, the present and where you are heading in the future. It is a tool to help you discover areas you can improve on in order to have a more positive wellbeing. Each assessment response is personalised for you. The free sample below on the personal domain (1 of 13 categories) gives only a generic response.

After you receive your full personalised assessment, please comment below on how accurate, useful, engaging, helpful or not this wellbeing assessment tool was for you.

Dr Mel Baker


Unchain your Wellbeing


  1. Foundation
  2. Core Responses
  3. Understanding your Needs
In the last 6 months, how much have you developed as a person? *

Do you participate regularly in community activities? *

Is there a sense of balance, unity and harmony in your life? *

In general, do you find you have hope when your world falls apart? *

Are you physically active? *

How often are you affirmed by others? *

Do you find it easy to express your feelings/emotions so you are understood by others? *

Do you generally make decisions from an emotional state, rational thinking or from a more of a balance of both? *

Are you currently in a job that you find satisfying? *

Do you tend to worry about things you have no control over? *

Do you regularly find time in your week to practice a hobby (individual satisfaction)? *

Do you feel like you receive love by others closest to you? *

Wellbeing Assessment Feedback

Posted by Phil Hanbury on
Thank you for your assessment of my personal well being. It provided accurate feedback on areas which I consider strengths and other areas I need to be more mindful of. It has been very helpful in assisting me to attain a more healthy work-life balance. This holistic approach to well-being has informed my pastoral care of others in recent months. I anticipate that this assessment tool will be a most valuable resource for life-coaching and mentoring relationships in the future.
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